The tracking and reporting system facilitates the organisation of internal parcel and goods management within the entire delivery process. From incoming to outgoing goods, from the receipt to personal delivery with signature and also permanent status monitoring – all of this is offered by EXPERT, the ultimate software for organizing and tracking all incoming deliveries.

  • All incoming parcels are registered at the central post department using a barcode scanner.
  • The software determines the ideal distribution path to the recipient via the internal delivery service.
  • An additional label with freely selectable information, such as recipient, means of transport, etc., is created automatically.
  • As an alternative to personal delivery to the recipient, the parcel can be deposited in a parcel locker.
  • The recipient receives a SMS/email with the personal access code (TAN) for opening the compartment.
  • The cabinets are operated offline, which means they are protected against manipulation via the Internet.
  • As the locks are operated wirelessly, a smaller number of units can be operated, and also extended simply and quickly.