TANmode Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium: The successful lock management system from Beloxx goes into series production

An optimum solution grows according to its tasks – just like our successful TANmode. The user-friendly lock management system from Beloxx is now available in four different packages. Our aim is to offer an optimum solution for every requirement. Regardless of whether you manage simple locker systems in a company or need a complex locking system for parcel deliveries.


  • is the cloud-based service for central code management made by Beloxx,
  • simplifies administration of large locker systems,
  • permits individual management of your cabinet or locker systems.

With the new TANmode packages, we aim to simplify the administration, maintenance and upkeep of your locking system even further.

So how does TANmode work?

TANmode for every need: Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium

The TANmode packages reflect the different requirements of the user: they are available in Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium versions, and their range of functions increases from package to package.

But they all have one thing in common: all packages permit user-friendly online administration of locking systems – including via mobile end devices. The core of the product is the real-time code generation via the TANmode cloud server encrypted with 256 bit. The codes requested come via e-mail in the Basic version. The package includes five TANs per lock per year.

From the Standard package upwards, the server sends the requested codes either to an e-mail address or even via SMS directly to a smartphone. In this version, the locks can be allocated to individual users for the sending of the TAN and put together into groups. In addition, the Standard package enables you to assign several administrator log-ins. Only one of these access authorizations can be used actively at any one time, however. The package includes 200 TANs. An extended guarantee for the mechanism completes the Advanced offering.

TANmode Advanced for large and complex locking systems distributed throughout several buildings

The TANmode Advanced package is recommended for large and complex locking systems distributed over different buildings, for example. The Advanced offering gives you the opportunity to set up several log-ins for the administration. In contrast to the Standard package however, the accounts can be used simultaneously. In addition, the energy-saving and master code functions are inclusive. The possibility of assigning lock groups to the energy-saving mode is particularly interesting for universities, educational establishments and companies with factory holiday periods. This way, up to 20 percent of energy costs (to run the locks) can be saved during holidays or semester breaks.

The number of TANs is unlimited in the Advanced package. In addition, it also offers a guarantee for the mechanism and electronics.

Premium: The secure, convenient package management system for your company

TANmode Premium includes all the features mentioned and more: Premium is the intelligent solution for package management in your company. Premium makes package delivery easier for both the delivery service and the recipient. Previously, deliveries from various parcel services to different recipients or departments took a great deal of time to distribute, and the addressees had to be notified – a cumbersome process.

Premium solves this problem through the interplay of the TANmode cloud with a special TANmode-app. Thus, with the help of the TANmode tool, the scan operator (e.g. the parcel deliverer) can simply place the delivery in the relevant locker and notify the recipient. The relevant recipient automatically gets an SMS with the locker number and the access code.

We thus combine security with an extra degree of convenience. You benefit from optimized processes and secure delivery channels.

With the new TANmode packages, we aim to offer you a solution that is a secure as possible and only as complex as it needs to be. You too can take advantage of this convenient and innovative lock management system for your business. Please visit our TANmode product page for further information.

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