Interview with Alistair Gough - Founder & Managing Director, BeCode UK

Alistair Gough: "The offer of Beloxx is the most comprehensive and innovative on the market!"

Why do you offer products from Beloxx?

With the increasingly recognized issues around the management of traditional mechanical key locks the requirement for a keyless solution is growing significantly. The Beloxx offering is the most comprehensive and innovative on the market. From the EVO and MiniPad code locks to the Air RFID solution and the TANmode code generation software provides a solution for a wide range of applications.

The continual investment in further innovative lock solution will ensure that Beloxx will remain the leading provider of keyless locking solutions.

What makes the Beloxx-locks for your customers so special, so that they decide on them?

The main aspects that customers find of greatest value are the ability for the locks to be retrofitted to existing furniture, the lack of mains power requirement due to the use of extended life batteries and the ability for the RFID system and TANmode software to operate without integration into a company’s main IT system.

Which feedbacks do you get? Which qualities do the customers like mostly?

The Air lock that uses RFID technology has been received extremely well by a number of large corporate companies including E-bay, Aviva, CBRE, Oracle, Visa, and Deloitte due to its compatibility with their existing keyless building entry systems. This enables a higher level of security to be achieved together with reduced operating costs through the reduction in lost key management.

Which use is the most important one for the customers? Or do the customers decide rather from design aspects to the Beloxx products?

The style of the EVO and Air locks are recognized as beneficial by customers but it is the functionality, particularly the Air RFID lock, that has proven to be of greatest value

The newly introduce MiniPad Multiuser lock has provided a further application where unassigned locks can be deployed in applications such as health clubs, concert venues and unassigned office spaces.

What do the customers look specifically for? Which problems do they have, which benefits do they expect?

The biggest problem customer’s encounter is the management of the keys used in traditional     mechanical locks. All BeCode locks provide a keyless solution that enables a more design orientated lock to be used that enhances security, ease of use and lower operating costs.

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