Interesting for architects and designers: Office Snapshots presents the most beautiful offices in the world

The perfect inspiration for architects and interior designers. The Blog Office Snapshots ( presents unusual office design, currently offering more than 1,000 examples from all over the world. In 2007, Stephen Searer founded the most impressive blog. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, and now manages Office Snapshots as a full time job. However, the name of the project now has little in common with the current image. Rather than blurry snapshots, the visually strong website provides professionally staged and impressive insights into the modern world of work.

Subpages on each project complement the generously designed overview pages of the blog. This provides extensive information on the various furnishing projects. In addition to standard details (office size, year completed, industry sector, location), readers discover which ideas and aims the customers, architects and interior designers are pursuing with each design. After all, long gone are the times when a soccer table and a small coffee bar stood for unlimited creativity and leadership without hierarchies. Today there are proper themed environments – with swings, slides, relaxing chill-out areas, bonsai gardens or futuristic canteens.

In short: there are few colors and designs that Stephen Searer could not present on his blog.

The American dream 2015: from history teacher to expert blogger and influencer

Before founding Office Snapshots, Searer was a history teacher. The idea for the project came to him after discovering that a blog concept with a single topic such as this did not yet exist. In 2007, he personally stumbled across online photos of the new Google headquarters in Mountain View. He was immediately fascinated, searched for more information and "only" found Flickr, a photo sharing platform. So he set up an online blog and collected photos of special office designs – and was totally dumbfounded by the success.

The project now finances itself through advertising revenue and guarantees the founder a living. Over time, the site has continued to grow. In addition to reports on the individual design projects, the recommended range is now also complemented by industry news.

A beautiful blog with great categorization. Users don't search, they find

Office Snapshots shows more than 1,000 offices from all over the world. The majority are from the United States (766), followed by Great Britain (171), the Netherlands (113), Australia (106) and Canada (57). Germany holds sixth place with currently 52 examples.

The extensive categories make the site easy to use, with the option to sort according to interest.

These include:

  • Location
  • Industry sector
  • Office size
  • Designer
  • Materials
  • Furnishing features

Of course, the blogger does not take the photos himself. Architecture studios and design firms send him the photos. A win-win: Searer is now an important influencer for these sectors. In this way, these companies can present a large amount of their project and in so doing increase their reputation. Searer, on the other hand, gets excited about perfectly staged office themes – this is ultimately his hobby. Just like when he saw the pictures of the Google office for the first time in 2007...

We consider Office Snapshots to be worth a visit and recommend every internet user with an eye for design to take peek at Stephen Searer's beautiful project.

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