Beloxx modernizes, internationalizes and standardizes its brand identity with a new website and modified logo

Beloxx modernizes, internationalizes and standardizes its brand identity with a new website and modified logo

Beloxx is making its corporate design fit for the future and modernizing its brand identity: In addition to a new web design, we have to this end once again taken a closer look at our logo, in particular. These changes are necessitated by the further internationalization of our business, as well as by the standardized and coordinated public presence with our premium partners.

New website design makes it possible for our products to have a big impact

Faithful users noticed long ago: A lot has happened with our web presence, and some things have changed. In addition to modern and more stable back-end technology, this relates primarily to the home and product pages, which have been redesigned and programmed by the Iserlohn-based agency best4brands (specialists for visual communication under the direction of the designer Martin Mummel). The aim of our front-end relaunch was make the visual presentation of our products and solutions even better and clearer.

This is because, in addition to the exceedingly important aspect of security, the very special Beloxx design plays an important role for many customers. We meet this now through the new format of our web presence. In addition, with our new Corporate Blog, we plan to regularly provide useful information about solutions, products, and our industry. Naturally, there is always news about Beloxx, business activities, and collaboration partners.

The new logo standardizes the brand identity and underscores our affinity for technologies in combination with appealing design solutions

We also commissioned a new logo. In this way, we are harmonizing our international brand identity. Since last year, Beloxx has been collaborating with premium partners in both the U.S. and the UK (link to the respective interviews!), and they appear under BeCode, a brand name registered by Beloxx. With the new Beloxx logo, we are internationalizing and standardizing our visual communication and merging the two brands.

To this end, Essen-based designer Thomas Gamper retired the black and red of past years and designed a new, contemporary logo whose colors and forms convey design-oriented intelligence. This complements our – likewise new – claim, which in turn is intended to underscore our technological expertise: “Keyless Intelligence”.

As mentioned above, we feel that the coordinated interplay of technology and design forms the very core of the Beloxx brand, and the logo reflects these aspects. The new website allows products and brands to be presented in a state-of-the art design.

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