Beloxx is equipping the modular furniture systems by USM with BeCode AIR


Modular flexibility meets keyless intelligence. The Swiss premium furniture manufacturer USM is now cooperating with Beloxx and is integrating BeCode AIR into its furniture systems. With its individual access authorizations, simple operability and exceptional design, BeCode AIR emphasizes the strengths of the USM office furniture system. Our furniture lock, which is radio-operated and is opened using a transponder, enhances the functionality of the high-quality furniture giving it greater flexibility.

In our cooperation with the world renowned furniture manufacturer, we specially adapted our successful furniture lock to the design of the modular USM systems. In this version, the front ring of the lock is therefore not smooth but, reflecting the original USM design, it has been finely fluted. BeCode AIR also has an adapter system which allows the lock to be simply retrofitted (by way of two screws).

USM manufactures office furniture that stands for changeable functionalities and timeless design

USM achieved international recognition with its innovative and modular furniture assembly system developed in 1963 – for contemporary living and working environments. The standardized components allow countless, extremely individual solutions, as they take both the current room situation and the required needs into consideration.

Flexible room solutions are of increasing importance in professional and work life, as new company cultures are demanding changeable functionalities and a high degree of adaptability. These trends require a new method of office furnishing:

  • Years of habit combined with a fixed desk give way to more individual solutions
  • Working equipment, technical solutions and personal space requirements are changing
  • Existing areas need to be used more efficiently
  • Agile project management demands adaptable and flexible room concepts so that teams of varying sizes can work perfectly together
  • Employees are expecting to come across a working environment that guarantees optimal working conditions
  • Furniture needs to be able to implement these dynamic processes with expandable and adaptable solutions

We see this cooperation as the next logical step. We know the growing demands for office furniture from numerous international projects.

Matthias Blunck CEO - Beloxx GmbH & Co. KG

Alongside Peter Bock, Managing Director of Beloxx, Matthias Blunck pushed for cooperation with the Swiss furniture manufacturer. "The cooperation with USM is the logical next step for us. International projects have shown us the continuously growing demands for office furniture and office outfitting. This experience has been flowing into the development of our new products and solutions for many years. A cooperation with an innovative furniture manufacturer was therefore only a matter of time. USM, with its innovation, flexibility and unconditional awareness for quality stands for values that we here in Wuppertal also live by. It is therefore most definitely not a cliché when I say that all the staff at Beloxx are looking forward to the cooperation – and of course we are also quite proud of ourselves. The premium demands of USM are after all internationally renowned."

BeCode AIR technology can be integrated internationally and also retrospectively

BeCode AIR enhances the existing USM products because it intelligently supports its flexibility. For example, the radio controlled furniture lock functions without hierarchies, which means that, if required several users can gain access to a cupboard, a drawer, a compartment or even a group of different furniture items. Each of the access authorizations can be easily managed, allocated and withdrawn. We therefore combine security with intelligence – without keys. To open the BeCode AIR, all that is required is a single transponder.

USM sells its premium furniture globally in more than 50 countries via a network of more than 400 qualified sales partners. The cabinet systems are adaptable and expandable. BeCode AIR meets these aspects with its ease of integration. It can be integrated into virtually all (existing) radio environments around the world, also retrospectively.

Our claim is to make furniture more intelligent. As well as the above mentioned features, BeCode AIR has still more to offer:

  • Up to 500 users can be given access to a single BeCode.
  • The lock can be automatically released at a specified time. This means that facility management or cleaning staff do not need to open each individual lock.
  • Customers do not need to stick to a specific radio standard. BeCode AIR recognizes the different standards.
  • Existing user profiles for which access authorization is provided can be simply imported and transferred to the lock.
  • A lost transponder does not require a time wasting and costly exchange of the locking system but simply a click in the management software. The transponder in question is deactivated; the system is and remains secure.

A significant factor in the success of USM furniture is its globally renowned minimalist design. Its discreet coloring and functional design means that BeCode AIR fits perfectly into the image of the USM collections. In 2013, an expert panel of judges awarded this BeCode with the interzum award for intelligent material & design.

USM furniture equipped with BeCode AIR can now be obtained at authorized dealers and Beloxx.

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